Why won’t Virgin Media complete my broadband installation?


I have been trying to switch to Virgin broadband because it is by far the fastest in my area. The installation was booked for mid-August and, as at that point a full connection was not possible, we were connected to our neighbour’s cable with their consent.

Since then, Virgin Media claims it is unable to complete my installation or deal with problems with the service. Apparently its system shows the installation as complete and our account as active. In addition, the company has repeatedly failed to phone when promised, turn up in the agreed time slot, arrive at the right address or provide any explanation for anything. I am unsure what to do next, other than to send another complaint.

Virgin Media told us it had to wait for a permit, which delayed completion of the required works, but it should have communicated this to you. It has now done this and installed cables direct to your property so your broadband service is up and running.

Having checked the quality of your connection and where you had blackspots, it offered to send wifi boosters, but you have declined and plan to buy your own. The company has written to you to apologise and offered to credit your first three months’ worth of bills. In addition, it has offered you £30 credit as a gesture of goodwill for the time taken to resolve this issue, which you have accepted.