This Austin Restaurant is Making the Wittiest Pandemic Signs Anywhere


Austin-based restaurant El Arroyo started making comic signs in the early 80s, and they’ve been perfecting the art ever since.

When the pandemic reached the States’ shores, and bars and restaurants began shuttering across the country back in spring, the team at the popular Texas restaurant decided that it was time to put even more effort into bringing comic relief to others.

“The signs bring a lot of laughter,” said Laura Schulte, 27, social media manger for the Mexican eatery.

“It’s a running joke that people who live in Austin are a bit hippy, so one of my favorite signs is: “Last queso stop before a load of yoga studios.

“That sums us up pretty well.”

Are you ready for a run-down of some of El Arroyo’s wittiest pandemic signs? Let us know your favorites.